Marine Weather Intelligence

A Deeptech

Comparison and qualification of meteorological models

MWI works on statistical comparison methods in order to select the best model from the various suppliers (ECMWF, NOAA, Météo France, ICON, etc…) for a given geographical area and for given timeframes (1h, 3h, 12h, 3d, 6d, etc.).

Routing algorithms

MWI is working on innovative routing methods that take greater account of the uncertainty of weather data and ensemble forecasts.

Multidimensional Polars

MWI is working on the development of multidimensional polars to better predict ship performance.

Today, ship performance tables (speed polar) mainly take into account wind (strength and direction) for marine weather routing.

MWI’s objective is to develop a polar chart that incorporates more key meteorological parameters such as wind, gusts, sea state, current, temperature, etc.

These polars are generated using Machine Learning algorithms by our technical team.