Marine Weather Intelligence

Marine Weather Intelligence is a company founded by Christian DUMARD and Basile ROCHUT.

Its mission is to contribute to the decarbonisation of maritime transport and to the safety of ships and operations at sea.

The technologies resulting from MWI’s research and development enable significant improvements in routing and safety for pleasure craft, superyachts, shipping and special operations.

The founders


Christian DUMARD


Professional Weather Router

BASILE rochut

Directeur Technique

Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer

Our expertise

We carry out more than 1,000 routings and analyses a month, for the most demanding fields such as :

  • Fameuse sailing races (Vendée Globe, The Ocean Race, Fastnet Race, Mini Transat, etc.)
  • Special transports (Transport of the James Webb Telescope between Los Angeles and Kourou, etc.)

Safety for all types of vessels

Our goal is to improve the quality of marine weather routing, proposed routes and weather analysis.

The safety of all the ships we monitor is our No. 1 priority.

We are convinced that the tools we are deploying will enable us to achieve an unprecedented level of safety in the maritime sector.

Our values


Privacy and data protection

We are aware of the importance of protecting privacy and personal data in the context of AI.

We are committed to complying with current regulations and adopting strict security standards to protect our users’ data.

To this end, we implement robust security measures, such as data encryption, access management and security awareness for our employees.


Ethical development of AI

We are committed to taking an ethical approach to the development of our AI solutions.

This includes establishing internal guidelines for responsible data use, algorithm transparency and bias prevention.

We also encourage our developers and research engineers to attend ongoing training courses on AI ethics and to keep abreast of the latest developments in best practice.

Our partners

As part of the development of Marine Weather Intelligence, the company is supported by a number of organisations, including competitiveness clusters and research laboratories.

The Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique, of which MWI is a member, is a competitiveness cluster that brings together major groups, SMEs, research centres and training establishments, professional organisations and economic development structures, to focus on maritime innovation for blue growth..

Founded in 1994, VIPE Vannes’ mission is to promote economic development and support innovation in the creation and development of businesses in the Vannes Agglo area.

The agency, which supports MWI, works to create an ecosystem conducive to the emergence of new projects and facilitates cooperation between businesses, economic networks, research laboratories, higher education, innovation finance and competitiveness clusters.


 Vipe : conseil en innovation, stratégie, créativité et financement

The Laboratoire de Mathématiques de Bretagne Atlantique (LMBA) brings together the majority of UBS mathematicians in West Brittany. MWI works in collaboration with the laboratory’s researchers to advance its various research and development projects.